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Maybe part of it is the postpartum hormones, but lately I've realized just how incredibly in love I am with my DH. We have been married almost 4 years, but sometimes it takes really dramatic experiences for people to re-appreciate one another when they've been together for a long time. I'll just make a little list so it doesn't become a novel.

I love my husband because...
  • He cleaned up my vomit multiple times when I was pregnant (once in a restaurant).
  • He waited on me hand & foot during labor and after the birth.
  • He was my absolute rock during labor - he was so sensitive and amazing.
  • He said that he loved me more than ever after seeing how strong I was during labor, and he told this to everyone.
  • He still tells me how beautiful I am, nearly every day.
  • He sometimes looks at me like no one else in the world matters.
  • He is coping so well despite things being tough on us with a newborn.
  • He tries so hard to bond with our daughter, even though right now she is pretty clingy to me.
So... in light of the fact that we sometimes lose sight of why we love our significant others so much....tell us why you love your SO.

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I like these threads, and I haven't seen one in PaP for a while...was thinking of starting one a few days ago, actually.

I love my husband, because:
  • He found the words to make me want to live after our son was stillborn
  • He took such incredible care of me, the kids and the house while I recovered from a long, hard labour, stillbirth and c-section
  • He's been a wonderful dad, and every bit as wonderful a stepdad
  • He turns me on like nobody else ever has
  • I turn HIM on and he lets me know it...even with the weight, depression, etc.
  • He always tries to understand, even when something makes no intuitive sense to him
  • He can make me smile, even laugh, when nobody else can
  • He's a rock - absolutely reliable, dependable and trustworthy
  • He gently encourages me to step outside my tiny comfort zone
  • He comes and listens to my choir, even though he doesn't like Broadway music
I could probably keep listing reasons all day, but that probably captures the essence. He's amazing.

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-He's the smartest guy I know. He's working on his second doctorate. But hes so smart about everything. He is interested in things. Bright and thoughtful.
-He's an absolutely amazing father. I'm talkin' helps at the pre-school, goes sledding, babywearing, doctor taking, lunch packing, bedtime story reading, diaper changing, boo-boo kissing, baby washing... He is every inch a "co-parent".
-He cracks me up. We giggle all the time.
-He is a deep down honest and good person. He truly is empathetic and ready to help and I always know what is going on with him.
-He is sweet and kind.
-I trust him with everything. To the core, 100%. I would place my life in his hands without a second thought.
-We rarely fight, but when we do, he never name calls or anything like that.
-He can laugh at himself. He can see the truth in things easily and finds the humor in it.
-He loves me. He loves our boys. 100%. He always does the right thing by us, no hesitation. Always with strength and gentleness.

My DH is my best friend and I cannot envision life without him. He's my hero

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I love DP because

He's tall and sexy
He's smart
creative (he's an artist)
funny (I think he should do stand-up)
very responsible with money (he has nearly perfect credit)
he constantly compliments me and makes me feel so good about myself
he washes the dishes (naked sometimes :p )
he loves to cuddle
he'll rub my feet, back, and tickle me as often and long as I want it
he likes to DTD as much as I want to and is the very best lover
he loves to talk about his feelings
he always thanks me for the little things and makes me feel appreciated
he's very easy going and pretty much down for whatever I want to do
he's very romantic, he's always doing sweet little things (like spelling out I <3 u with our chewed gum to see how long it would take me to notice LOL or surprising me at work with a treat)
He's great with my kids, he's always wanting to go take them places
He has his foreskin
He loves animals
He's straight edge
he eats really well, mostly vegetarian and organic.
I'm so happy with him, I finally have the relationship that I use to fantasize about having

eta he has no hangups or baggage at all
he's not possessive or jealous
he listens to me and takes an active interest in my life
we are 100% compatible
He was born at home so of course he's down with the home birth idea

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I'll try to keep this list relatively short because I could go on and on.

-He encourages me to do things to make myself happy.
-He will do just about anything I ask him to do even when I'm being a butthead.
-He is willing to talk about our interactions and figure out how to make sure they are as positive as possible.
-He is darn near eternally cheerful. (This is a negotiated part of our relationship actually. We have specific things built into our lives that make him happy that happen WITHOUT FAIL cause I need his cheerfulness.)
-He loves our daughter to bits and he is playing with her more and more.
-I didn't change a diaper in the first six weeks.
-He goes along with my hippy-crunchy stuff even though he thinks most of it is kind of silly.
-He doesn't believe in guilt tripping.
-He is the least passive-aggressive person I have ever met. We believe in having the subtlety of a falling brick in our house.

-He is a trained massage therapist and rubs me a lot.
-All I have to is look at him and say, "So uhhh you wanna..." and his whole face lights up and he leaps up instantly with great delight.
-He tells me constantly how sexy he finds me. He likes to combine this with wolf whistles and grabbing my butt.

-He has been incredibly patient while my libido has been in the tank. He has not been pushy or rude or demanding at all. He started to get a little bit cranky for a while there and then he apologized for being cranky.
-He is the most hard core hedonist I have ever met (and I know a lot of hedonists) and he encourages me to do the same.
-He has taught me more things than I ever thought possible. I am constantly in awe of how smart he is.
-He is thrilled to talk about other guys hitting on me. He thinks it is cute.
-He remembers the various MDC threads I talk to him about and can usefully talk to me about them.

-He values my contributions as a SAHM and believes that my job is to raise our kid not clean the house.
-He tells me often how much respect he has for my intelligence and knowledge and wisdom.

I really really really love him.

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*He's a great dad and so excited to spend time with DS

*I have self-esteem issues and he makes me feel so good about myself all the time.

*He constantly encourages me to do things that make me happy (instead of spending my free time cleaning!)

*He gardens so we have fresh veggies during the summer!

*He makes me laugh all the time.

*We are both very nerdy and can talk about nerdy stuff together!

*We have a ton of debt but don't fight about money and can live on a very small budget.

*He does more housework than me!

*He was very patient when I had a low libido after DS was born (but that is coming back!)

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There are many things I love about my DH.

-He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.
-He is great with our kids and goes to the park almost every day with them when the weather is nice.
-He is a hard worker and really cares about providing for our family.
-He is very smart.
-He always fixes my computer when I am having problems with it.
-He has always told me I am beautiful and has never complained or said anything about my weight gain since having kids.
-He watches reality tv and chick flicks with me.
-He cares more about the kids and I than he does about himself.
-He has the cutest laugh and is so fun when he is being silly.
-He motivates me to be a better person and be a good wife to him.
-When I am feeling down about myself he is always quick to remind me how much I am worth and how special I am.

There are many more I could list...

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* He's sexy - I love the way he looks, he smells, he sounds - just who he is
* He's genuine and kind and caring
* He supports me almost unconditionally
* He's honest and works hard - so sexy
* He's my kind of asshole - his brand of snark tickles me
* He's good at sooooo many things

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Originally Posted by Apricot View Post
* He's my kind of asshole - his brand of snark tickles me
I say that about my husband!

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* He has a kind heart and good character
* He loves DD more than anything and every time I leave them alone I come home to find him on the floor playing and her laughing
* He will do anything I ask around the house or even my parents' house
* He shares my goals for our life and family, both financial and otherwise
* He is a good citizen and gives back to our country and the community
* He is ambitious and serious about work
* He supports my career
* Last night he brought home Chinese food for all of us because he knew I really didn't want to cook

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oh, thank you for this post! i was beginning to think i was the only one in a FABULOUSLY HAPPY relationship! there are so many women complaining about their partner on this board!
i love my DH because he is my truest soulmate, my best friend, my kinky sex partner, my hero, my idol, my loyal companion, my security, my passion, my cuddle-buddy, my favorite house-mate, my beautiful man!!! and he's totally obsessed with me and our daughter!!!!

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I love this thread

I love Nate because:

-He takes care of me, even though I am CRAZY and have serious issues
-He's a great dad and doesn't mind when I throw Toby at him and hide in the closet.
-He works so hard to support our family.
-He likes a clean house, and he'll clean it!! He's wonderful about doing chores.
-He supports my dreams and helps me accomplish things.
-He's cuddly
-He makes me laugh.
-He takes amazing care of me when I'm sick (which is a lot
-He doesn't mind when I whine, or complain, he just listens.
-He very much involves me in all our family decisions, he doesn't just decide and expect me to follow whatever he wants.
-He moved to Arkansas because I wanted to get out of Utah, then a year later when I hated Arkansas got a wonderful amazing job back here in Utah and moved us back.
and didn't kill me

And the BIGGEST reason:

He put up with me while I was pregnant! Barfing, insane moodiness, bed-rest and all!!!!!!!

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I like this thread too

I love my husband because......

He is the best dad I know. He's in it 100% and there is nothing he won't do with the kids. He loves being a daddy and it shows everyday!

He really "gets" me. Not that many people know all my layers but he just understands who I am and he loves me anyway.

He works so hard to provide for his family and he hardly ever complains about it.

He makes me feel good about myself and believes that I could do anything.

He has a great sense of humor.

He's has AMAZING forearms.

He has a super sexy smirk.

He's a fantastic lover.

He supported me in every way possible when I was pregnant and in labor with both of our kids.

He loves my family and they love him.

He is very sentimental

He gets rid of spiders and wasps

He washes the laundry and does chores too.

He is goofy and fun and knows how to laugh at himself.

He is a massage therapist and will work all day and still massage me at the end of the day if I ask him to.

He calls me on my sh!t and doesn't mind when I do the same.

He adds so much flavor to my life and I am sooooooo lucky to have found him. He's the best. I should tell him more often that I'm very grateful to have him in my life.

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-He's witty and smart

-He's insanely protective of me

-He's tall and sexy

-He bites

-He thinks I'm pretty

-He's a hard worker

-He induldges my weird wants

-He holds doors and carries bags

-He knows when to say "Go buy yourself something nice."

-He buys me sexy shoes.

-He looks for me in his sleep.

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Originally Posted by Phantaja View Post
-He looks for me in his sleep.
Awwwwwwwwwww, that is SO cute.

Nate just elbows me in the eye when he rolls over.

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i love my so because:
*he's insanely cute
*he cares about my family
*he lets me be me
*we are two peas in a pod
*he makes me laugh all the time
*he was there for me when our daughter died
*he is patient
*he's intact!
*he smells amazing
*our sex life is too good to be true
*he has the sexiest legs i've ever seen
*he takes care of me
*he reaches for me
*he doesn't allow me to stress out too much
*he values my opinions
*he doesn't downgrade me or others
*he is super smart!
*he has the cutest/sexiest smile

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I love my DH sooo much, because....

~ He is my gut...see, I am an optimist and have my head in the clouds, so when an important decision must be made, he's the 'gut check' end of things and always brings me back to a grounded place. I can trust his sensibilities any time.

~ He is so handsome and dreamy looking, with big pillow lips and moon eyelashes...he is a dreamboat for sure!

~ He trusts me so much and really thinks I'm the smartest and that I know the best of all the people he knows. He trusts my opinion on important things so much and always tells other people things I've said...everybody knows that he thinks I'm the best ever! It makes me so proud to have his affection and that he believes in me so much...he is such a cynical guy and can sometimes write people off...but he really thinks I'm smart!

~ He loves that I fuss over him and care for him with affection. I'm a really big fusser, I need to fuss and cook for you and bring you things...I love being busy and fussing over my loved ones. He is the perfect fit to that, because he really loves the affection and is so sweet!

~ He is so full of mischief! He is always pranking me in sweet, funny ways...he is a little elf! He is such a fun goofball when he is relaxed...he and the baby play silly games and make clothing out of boxes and just generally goof around...he has such a playful spirit with his "pack"!

~ He is a wonderful lover...and is being so patient with me in my place of low libido. I'm so happy that he has been kind to me in this regard, because I know he wishes we had more sex and that I was more interested...I will be back there..I'm just in a weird time right now (first year of motherhood, newly pg again!).

~ He is brilliant and incredibly artisticly gifted...I wish he could see how really great he is.

~ He is a wonderful, awesome dada! The love he feels for our baby girl, makes me love him more EVERY DAY. He always wants to be the one to wake her up in the mornings, when she is sick, he always wants to care for her even when she cries and is a real wreck. He is so tender with her. He "talks" with her endlessly...just always chatting away with her...he REALLY shares the parenting duties with me and it makes me so happy he loves her so much.

~ We are unbelievably, incredibly compatible.

~ He makes me feel like a real woman...I don't even know how. He just, is a MAN to me...he has very strong masculine energy...he is very handsome and kind of has a brooding look. He is very artistic and laid back....but his energy is very strong and I love it. He has intense eyes and makes me feel very femenine and honored. He honors me as his mate, is how it feels.

~ He works hard for us, every day. He is a great provider and has an incredible worth ethic. I'm so proud of how hard a worker he is.

~ He is a loyal, trustworthy man. I can trust him completely and do.

~ He would do anything for me and loves me so much...he wouldn't admit it to many, but he hates ever saying no to me or seeing me disappointed. When I have my heart set on something, I can always see him, wanting it to happen so that I can be happy. He's just so sweet.

~ His sense of adventure and want for fun in our lives makes me happy.

~ He supports me in everything that I do and always roots for me.

~ He is my best friend.

There are lots of other reasons...but I don't want to bore everyone to tears! I love my DH...he is my best best bud.

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Originally Posted by Phantaja View Post
-He looks for me in his sleep.
Oh...yeah...dh is a very sound sleeper. But, he wakes up immediately if I have a nightmare (has only happened a couple times). He also wakes up if I can't get back to sleep in the middle of the night. If I don't come to bed fairly soon after he does, he'll wake up, wondering where I am. Aside from the kids crying or his pager, my absence of emotional turmoil is about the only thing that will wake him up.
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