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OK. I've been doing TTAPP for 2 1/2 years now. I have lost a huge number of inches from my body TWO TIMES now, post partum with Grace and post partum with Lily. In the last month, Ive lost 6 inches, with my grand total since 5 days post partum sitting at 45!!! Ive lost 40 lbs, 4 dress sizes, and 45 inches with NO DIETING since Lily was born.<br><br>
My results site is: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
TTAPP is a video workout, and is comprised of moves that borrow from yoga, pilates, dance theory, tai chi, and physical therapy. It is very rehabilitative for those with back and knee issues, can be done by both men and women, regardless of age, fitness level, and prior exercise experience.<br><br>
I had been doing Tae Bo tapes for about 3 weeks and had been on Weight Watchers a month when I found out (on the WW site under exercise forums) about TTAPP in March 2001. I got the tapes, and did the instructional videos once a day every day for 14 days. I lost an entire dress size in those two weeks. Seeing that inch loss, I kept at it, and by December of that year, I had lost 30 lbs, 36 inches, and 4 dress sizes doing TTAPP and eating mostly on WW. I kept doing TTAPP during my pregnancy with Lily, taking most of the first trimester off, but consistently doing 2-3 workouts per week up till 32 weeks, then a mini workout every day until I delivered. Until 32 weeks, there were very few moves I needed to discard or augment in the workout, I could pretty much do the whole thing. I did an advanced TTAPP tape the night before I went into labor, and I think it really made the difference! Lily knocked my tailbone out of whack when she came out, and I did moves from TTAPP to put it back where it belonged without a chiropractor. I did a mini workout starting at 5 days post partum. By 3 weeks post partum I was back to doing a full workout a few times a week. Heck, my arms and legs were smaller and had better muscle cuts after I delivered than before I got pregnant. Seriously.<br><br><br>
TTAPP is complex compound muscle movement done while muscles are in isometric isolation. By holding these muscle contractions for the duration of your workout, and trying your best to have correct form on the moves, that is what makes the inch loss happen. Even not knowing what I was doing in those first 2 weeks, I lost a dress size. The moves seem deceptively simple when you first watch the videos, but while the moves become more familar to you the more you do them, they also get more difficult, because you are constantly learning how to do the moves better.<br><br><br>
I am not paid to advertise. But I love it so much I asked if I could put TTAPP on my license plate. LOL. Teresa Tapp doesnt do infomercials, and she hasn't partnered with some big company to get her tapes into WalMart or anything, it's really from word of mouth. If you are thinking about a new workout or starting to exercise, go check out the TTAPP website and see what you think. The more I learn about personal training, the more I see why TTAPP makes sense. Lymphatic moves, making sure the lactic acid buildup isnt happening during your workout, taking you to a high heart rate, dropping you doing a level, stretching afterward, and builkding back up again.... It's not your traditional exercise, there's no flashy production, but it has given me fantastic inch loss results TWICE after pregnancies now, so I really have to crow about it.<br><br>
I already listed my results site, and the main site for information is:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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