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I love Once Upon a Child

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Today I scored:

5 outfits for DD

2 nice outfits for me

Maya Wrap sling

Replacement ice pack for my breastpump cooler

lots of outlet covers and furniture straps

All for $100 bucks! Woohoo! I am especially excited about the Maya Wrap. We have a padded ring sling but it's too big, and I couldn't use it when DD was a newborn... had to wait until she could do the hip carry. Now I should be able to sling the new babe no problem!
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I do OUAC every fall and spring, to get whatever clothes I need for the boys for the winter or summer, respectively. I refuse to buy new clothes unless I can't find what I need used. I love to not worry about them messing up thier "good clothes" and just letting them be boys!

So far in shopping for this little girl, I've done mostly rummage sales, but come fall, I'll fill in the gaps at OUAC.

Oh, and I almost always buy a few birthday and christmas presents there...not only is it cheaper, you don't have so much packaging to fight with!
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It sounds like I am missing out! What is Once Upon a Child????
Independently owned chain of stores that specializes in reselling kids clothes, furniture and equipment. The one's locally here carry newborn to kids size 14, boys and girls clothes, cribs, changing tables, etc. They also usually have shoes, slings, toys, etc.

Lots of times they have new stuff, like car seats, that they buy at a discount and sell at a semi-discount. They usually have lots of stuff way cheaper than retail.

They also buy gently used equipment, furniture and toys, though, from experience I can say that they don't pay much when you sell.

Some of them even carry maternity clothes...but never anything in my size...
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I know what ya mean!! I scored pratically all of our layette for the new baby for under $70.00!! We are talking loads of onesies, gowns, sleepers, etc. AND, brands like Carters, Saks Fifth Ave, Old Navy, etc. Nice Boutique quality stuff, too. It seems like such a waste to go to the store now, and buy regular or even sale price stuff now, when I can just go to OUAC and get everything for a steal. I even got a really nice maternity cardigan, almost new, for $1.00!!
I plan on shopping there after baby is born. I love resale childrens shops!! My parents almost franchised a Once Upon A Child but they opened their own childrens resale shop and it was quite a hit for awhile. She's been thinking about reopening it *maybe* which would be awesome. Unfortunately I think there's only a couple store like it around my area so there won't be too much options. But still a bargain is a bargain
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Me to, me to!

Wednesday I scored,
3 pairs of pants for DS
4 shirts for DS

2 pairs of pants for DD
3 shirts for DD

2 maternity tops for me

1 outfit for the newest one
And 1 brand new infant car seat for the butter bean.

All for less than $100! And like others have said, all Carters, Children's Place, GAP, and a Graco seat.
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And by the way for fellow Canucks...there are OUAC stores up here too.
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