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I *LOVE* outlet malls!

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I found out Carter's was having this huge sale at their outlet store, so today I went shopping! I had planned to go with the neighbor while dh watched dd but when I walked over the neighbors mother (who lives with them) told me she was still asleep and probably wasn't coming
: I was disappointed because I stopped by last night to confirm, but she wasn't home, so I assumed everything was as scheduled. We had planned to leave at 8 am, so I got up early on a Saturday for nothing! (I usually get to sleep in a little bit on Saturdays because dh is home and will play with dd.) Anyway, I came back inside, told dh, and he asked if I still wanted to go to the outlet mall, even though he knew I was looking forward to getting out for awhile. I told him child-free shopping was just the icing on the cake, I was really just looking forward to getting some good deals on baby clothes. So, we drove down to the outlet mall and killed about 30-45 minutes looking around Ross while waiting for the other stores to open. Dh had taken out $60 for me to spend on clothes, and here's what we got:

From Carter's:
7 onesies and 2 pairs of rolly pants for $17 (newborn sizes)

From Osh Kosh:
2 tank tops, 1 pair denim shorts, and 1 pair denim bermuda pants for $30 (2T and 3T sizes)

From Children's Place:
4 t-shirts for $10 (24 months and 3T sizes)

I don't think we did too badly, although the stuff we got at Osh Kosh we probably could have gotten at Walmart for cheaper (although it's good quality that should last until the new baby needs them.)
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Awesome!! We also have an outlet (Mills) about 30 minutes away and we get out there periodically. I am just thrilled, though, to now have a Carter's and an Osh Kosh here in my own area! I need to get to Carters (maybe even today?) to see about a matching shirt for my DS, to go with one I already have for the other one. A friend was over there on Thursday and said the deals were great!
The stuff we got at Carter's was 70% off and they were JUST putting them out! In fact, I stood near the employee as she put together the stand and hung the clothes (tried to help her so she could go a little faster, lol.) They had 5 packs of onesies for less than $5, I was going to wait there until she got out the size I wanted even if it meant waiting an hour
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Yes I know what you mean I live 1 mile from the outlet dangerous!!! I have a 10 gift card from carter's b/c I spent 50 there a few weeks ago. Ahh the way they suck you back in.

Originally Posted by candyapplez View Post
Yes I know what you mean I live 1 mile from the outlet dangerous!!! I have a 10 gift card from carter's b/c I spent 50 there a few weeks ago. Ahh the way they suck you back in.
I got a 20% off your entire purchase of $50 or more coupon valid for next month. Dh already knows there will be a trip back down to the outlet mall (fortunately there's at least 3 that we can choose from in our area, lol.)
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We have a HUGE outlet mall about 25 minutes from us in MIL's hometown. She knows I love OshKosh and Children's Place clothes and always hits their sales!! Gotta love it!!!
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I wish I had an outlet mall
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Well, I got to Carter's myself today!
I think I did pretty well to come out with 2 pairs of shorts and 3 shirts for one boy, and 2 pairs of swim trunks and one pair of PJs for the other.... and *nothing* for the baby!!
I really liked several things for baby, but it's hard to justify it as much when we don't know what we're having! Especially as I don't really need the cute onesies that are on such a good sale - I need the outfits, if it's a girl. But since we don't know, well, I try to wait until it's a REALLY good sale!! Besides, then I can tell DH how well behaved I was.

Then I got to go return some too-big maternity pants at Lane Bryant, and found a dress that works great for maternity AND of course will work postpartum!
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Our closest outlet is an hour away, and the "good" one is 2.5 hours away! I am hoping to make a trip to one of them before this little guy makes his appearance! You guys are lucky to live so close to outlets!
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