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Oh Diaper Fairy From the North,

Thank you so much oh Diaper Fairy from Canada!! You sent the most gorgeous of gorgeous dyed infant indian prefolds. A soft baby pink, bold purple and (oh no, I'm at work my mind went blank!).. well, and another super color!

But, the fun doesn't stop there! They came wrapped up in a pretty blue ziploc baggie wrapped up in tissue paper. But even THAT wasn't the best part!

I got a card!!! A cute, sweet, simple card!! It totally made my day and I just about cried. So personal, so sweet... and somebody did it all just for me!!

Thank you, Diaper Fairy, from the bottom, the top and all around my heart!!

(p.s. on a funny note, I tried to explain the Diaper Fairy concept to dh and he just couldn't quite grasp it
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