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I went out of town to visit my friend and her new baby, and to help her out b/c baby has lots of issues. The first thing I did when I got there was pop the babe in the sling (snuggle/tummy to tummy hold). She instantly quieted and went to sleep (she has reflux...baaaaaaaaaaad bad reflux....
). My friend was just amazed.
She's pretty mainstream for the most part, but open to ideas. By the end of the day, she was going online to order a sling for herself. She said I was turning her into a hippie, I said it has nothing to do with hippie, and everything to do with convenience (strollers suck) and laziness (I'm too lazy to not wear my I pointed out how a sling is soooooo much easier than a stroller, how it's smaller and lighter and can just be popped in the diaper bag, no problem. I showed her how to nurse in the sling (she loved that...hands free!!).

Then I went to visit my sister, and she was badgering me to let her carry my ds instead of me carrying him in the sling. After about 5 minutes of lugging him around (he weighs 30+ lbs.), she handed him back to me and said, "now I see why you use that (the sling)!!"

They are one of us now.
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