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I made it 23 days!

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23 days without filling up my gas tank! Wohoo!
My low fuel light came on today while grocery shopping. I still have 25 miles left to drive before a true EMPTY but I stretched this tank a loooooong time.

I work 4 days a week and I have a gas-guzzling SUV (it was a gift
) so this is a real accomplishment for me!
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Wow thats just awesome! Especially with an suv.
Good for you!

People are always complaining about how much gas is and is going to be. Now, I don't like paying the prices any more than the next person. However, if it forces people to be more conservative, I think that's great. There is way too waste as it is. I don't think our family spends any more in gas now than we did six months ago, even with the higher prices. We've just learned to conserve, combine, and walk.

Above all, it's better for the environment.

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Boy that totally rocks! We conserve as best we can, but are still going through 1-2 tanks a week (my part time job is delivering papers, and so that usually takes up 3/4 tank
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That is awesome!!!
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