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I made it!

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I'm now a senior member. I just posted my 1,000th post (this will be 1,001).
To celebrate I have purchased now 2 Bridget's soakers (one for 4th of July, one for summer in general) and a MuttaQin Baby AIO (turtles).

Now the task of picking a title...
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YAY !! congrats!! cant wait to see pics of the new diapers!! woohoo!!
Congratulations!!! What fun purchases, must share pics when you get them! I wish I could celebrate every post with a diaper purchase. :LOL
Congrats!! And what a gift to yourself!! YAY!!
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Oh yea baybe! Congrats!!

I plan to go buying crazy when I hit 1,000
Better start saving LOL
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Congrats. Jealous of the Muttaqin Baby AIO. I saw the post this morning and of course the two she had up were gone. I love her other diapers so I wanted to give the AIO a try. Hopefully she'll stock the AIOs as often as the others. You must post a review of the AIO once you get to try it out.
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Congratulations! I'm just trying to get to 100!
congrats Amy! I haven't chosen a title yet either.
I have to tell you that I crack up everytime I see your screen name!!
It took me awhile to get it (I know, I'm slow
: )
It will take a lot to find a senior name to top that!
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