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I made mayonnaise!!!

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It was pretty easy but I have been putting it off. I used 3/4 cup coconut oil and 1/4 cup olive oil. While it didn't taste like hellman's, *I* liked it; dh did not.

With it, I made coleslaw and hopefully will make ranch dressing if I ever go buy the buttermilk. Okay just had to share! I'm too proud of myself!!
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homemade mayo is the best.

dh made his first batch yesterday.
all e.v.o.o.

how was the coconut oil?
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My DH could taste the CO, so he really didn't like it. I liked it. And to my surprise, it didn't harden up at all. It's still as creamy and spreadable today.

How did the olive oil go? Is the taste very noticible?
i suppose it would be noticeable, but we're very used to it. we only really use evoo.
: in the last couple of years, i think i've only bought one jar of commercial mayo. does your dh like the taste of olive oil? maybe he would like an olive oil only mayo. it's so much healthier than the canola/soybean oil in the regular mayo's.
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He probably wouldn't like it with any type of beneficial oil! If I make something, he'll usually ask if it's "healthy". Oh well. He grew up eating cookies for breakfast so it's a challege for him to get used to whole foods.
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