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I have a very specific parenting style, such as no hitting, being pretty laid back, NO LEAVING BABY TO CRY AT NIGHT EVER (although now that he's a toddler, sometimes he cries during the day... because he's throwing temper tantrums).

Anyhoo, my DH and I got into quite a few arguments about parenting when DS was born. He thought that me responding to him at night would make him dependent and unable to grow emotionally, etc. etc.
: Need I go on, because we've all heard these things from one person or another most likely.

But the other day, DH remarked on how incredibly independent DS is. :LOL I tried to gently remind him that I must not have ruined him by being responsive after all!

I'm not perfect, and I'm sure my parenting style has its flaws, but I think DH is coming around to my way of thinking on some issues.

Yay DH!

Just wanted to share. Thanks for reading.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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