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I may have saved a foreskin :0)

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It isn't for sure yet, and was completely unintentional.

Since I have started restoring I have been talking to my mother about the depression and anger, not really towards her, but I know she internalizes it a bit.

Well, I have cousins in Cali, I live a few states away. My cousin J just had a baby, about 9 or 10 months ago. Cali doesn't pay for Circs so it is out of pocket. They couldn't afford it at the time, but their doctor told them he would do it up to 2 years old
: (I don't understand how that baby has more rights at 2 then 1 month but whatever.....)

Well they didn't get it, and they recently got the money for it. But they were worried about the affects it would have on their little man and was talking to my pseudo Aunt about it. Well my Aunt S called my mom and talked to my mom about the predicament, MY MOM WENT TOTALLY INTACTIVIST ON HER! lol.

She told S all about my anger, and issues I have with mine, and asked S if she really wanted to risk having the lil person they know and love go all internalized with fear and pain. S listened to my mom and the many things she said to her and said that J listens to her, she will bring it up to J and J probably will not go through with it.

I'll be talking to my mom again in a day or 2 to find out how their conversations are progressing, and I have been feeding my mom more and more info as I talk to her.

Who say's guilt is a bad thing? My mom felt guilty and saved a foreskin, there's some redemption for ya :0)

/happy dance

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I really wish there were more people like your mom. Dh's mom is a total brat and still refuses to believe she was led to believe anything wrong.
Way to go mom!!!!!! I really hope they listen and leave their little guy intact!!!
That is great that she is able to help save a baby. My mom was 100% pro circ because of issues she had with my older brother
(long story short he was left intact because dr didnt beleive in it, at 3yo a cut happy dr got ahold of him) so of course my younger brother was cut right of the bat. I have since talked to her about my decision and she is definatly not 100% circ anymore
She still has that fear for my ds that something will go wrong but she has actually asked me questions that I was able to answer and remove most of her fear.
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That's great of your mother! I only wish my mother had swung into action like that and saved my nephew.
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That is great news! my mom remains in her ostrich pose and dad still is very much pro-cut...i still work away at them
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