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I, Me, You, Yours

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Okay, this is so bizarre because I just responded to a thread about a child who calls himself mama. My daughter has been pointing to herself the past couple days. When she sees a picture of herself, she usually says, "Mama." I correct her, telling her, "That's you, that's X (her nickname)."

A couple times she indicated herself in such a way that made me think she understood who "she" is. This evening, she was nursing and caught sight of a photo of herself. "That's you," I said. And she pointed to herself! I asked, "Who is that?" pointing out the photo, and she ppinted to herself!

It kind of blows me away because it seems so sudden. No indication of herself, then an obvious knowledge. Well, sudden to me, but I know her little head's been working on it.

When did you child begin pointing to him or herself? Know what "you" means?
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DD is 17 months and just yesterday we were looking at a photo and I was asking her where so and so was and she would point then I said where is Ava, she hesitated and pointed at the photo of herself.
Maybe your DD is confused a little from things like when you tell her, Come to Mama. Could it be she is putting it a little backwards in her mind thinking something like Mama come here? I really don't have any idea but that is what came to my mind when I read your post. She could be just playing a game with you too. Waiting for you to say something like No silly I'm Mama. I could so see my DD doing that.
My dd picked up these things suddenly too. A few months ago she would point to herself and say, "you!" if she wanted something I had. (you meant me) It was cute, but I would correct her and say, "you mean "me" say "me" and she'd say me. But she didn't seem to get it really... in her head she was "you." After all thats what everyone called her! Then she stopped using any pronouns for a couple weeks... then she started using them correctly... its just not as cute.

But I can't remember when she started to recognize her own pictures... if I said, "where's Abbey?" she'd point to Abbey... for as long as I remember her pointing out objects in pictures. But some kids will call pictures of themselves, "baby."
just started getting "me nurse" (instead of just "nurse!") at just before 20 months.

k (nak)
I think pronoun confusion is pretty common in toddlers. I know my dd has trouble putting the right ones in the right places sometimes - I, me, you...
Just this morning though, I asked her what my name was. She knows very well what my name is, but she started saying every other family members name - Papai, Vovo, Titia, Grandma, Grandpa- then she would laugh and say nooo. She does have quite a sense of humor. Afterwards, I asked her what her name was and she did the same thing. It was fun game for her. I think they like to laugh about stuff. We do the same thing with puzzle pieces, knowing full well where they go.
DD is also still confused about pronouns. For example, her favorite response right now is "NO! MY DO IT SELF!" When I say ok you do it yourself! she says "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! MY DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So she's still a little confused about you/your/ you're. Though she seems to have "mine" down just fine
She still prefers "my" over "I"
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Something that *really* helped us in this department is when I would correct DS, I would use his hand to point to himself. So, I'd use his hand, put it on his chest and say "me". Then I'd take his hand and put it on my chest and say "you". Does that make any sense? Then I'd do it using my hand, so it would kind of illustrate the difference. He got it b/c he knows the signs for your turn and my turn, I guess...that's maybe why we didn't have that much trouble with it. But right now, at 19 months, he knows I, me, mine, your and yours and uses them correctly about 90% of the time.
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