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I messed up - now what?

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I'm making a Cowichan sweater out of very chunky wool roving, and the pattern has lots of fair isle-style colour changes. Well, I finshed my first sleeve yesterday and was all proud of myself until I noticed that I omitted a small band of white at the edge of one of the patterns. It's only two rows wide, but it's at least 1/3 of the way from the top of the sleeve, and I'd changed yarns several times between the bound of edge and where I made the mistake.

Is there any way to fix this other than frogging the whole lot between the finished edge and the mistake? Can I use the same yarn to knit it up again after putting in the missing white bar? I think I may have just enough yarn for the whole project and don't want to risk not finishing the whole sweater because I wasted yarn fixing this silly mistake. I could probably live with one sleeve missing this small band of white and being two rows shorter than the other... I'd always see the mistake but I could live with it.
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i've always been able to reknit yarn I frogged... that sucks, though!
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Is this the second sleeve? If it's the first sleeve, I'd just make the second one to match, if it's the second I'd probably frog and re-knit to put those two rows in.

I'm a ninny, I just re-read and you did say it is your first sleeve. So yeah, just knit the second sleeve to match.
Well, I looked at the sleeve again and thought about it some more, and I think I'm just going to frog it and do it again. It SUCKS, but if I'm going to put in all this work I really want it to be right. I thought about making the other sleeve to match, but I actually added two rows elsewhere to get a little bit of extra length as I have long arms/torso and if I left it as it is then I wouldn't get that length.

I HATE undoing things that are already "finished" in my mind, but c'est la vie. Thanks for the suggestions though.
Did you already frog it? If it's roving yarn I think frogging is pretty hard on it. Recently when I answered Joyce's meme there was a question about if you would frog to fix- my response is that I would figure out a way to fix without frogging. A sleeve on a child's sweater is a very small circle- so it would be something you could graft.

I would cut the yarn at the mistake and either pick that row out- or cut through every stitch of the dominant color row-(meaning the row that you will never notice is missing- then I would pick up my stitches- knit one round with the white yarn- and then graft one round with the white yarn to make a white, two row splice. I would consider this to be a challenging practice in grafting.
No, I haven't frogged it yet. I pulled it out again and looked at all my nice even stitches and couldn't bring myself to do it.

I think you may be right that roving doesn't stand frogging very well. I tried undoing something knit with the same roving before and it kept getting "caught" and wouldn't unravel smoothly. So I am afraid the same thing might happen with my sleeve.

I showed my husband and he couldn't see the mistake. Now I am thinking I will just chalk it up to a learning experience and be more careful from now on. And I guess that means one sleeve will be shorter than the other and missing two rows of white stitches, but if anyone notices and says anything it will be a the start of a great conversation about how I taught myself to knit!
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I would definitely do the other sleeve to match. I'd also consider picking up stitches at the bottom and knitting on a couple of rows to replace the length- but to be honest, I think you can probably block the sleeves to the right length. It's only an inch you're trying to add, right?
Yep, it's probably just less than an inch I'll be short on the sleeves. And I didn't know this could be helped by blocking. Does anyone have a site that explains how to block knitting? I knew it was something that was done but I have no idea how or when to do it. Maybe I will go check right now...
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Ok, so just in case anyone else has a similar problem, I found a great article at Knitty about blocking.

Apparently you can add up to 4 inches of length by blocking alone. !! I'm just going to do the other sleeve to match and then block them out to the length they should have been in the first place.

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