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I met a mom today........

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Hey U guys- Just thought I'd share this with you all. Today I met a mom in a consignment shop where I live. She had her 10 month old baby with her, and I had my two-year-old with me. My four-year-old was with my fiance. SO....we get to taking and she's like, you look so young to have any children. I'm like, yeah I'm 23, and she's like, I'm 27, and we started talking about all the unsolicited advice we receive as young mothers, and the subject of bfing came up. I told her how much I loved nursing, and how it was a shame that most mothers in our area are very mainstream and don't nurse really beyond 2 or 4 months...........and then I notice how her baby is gnawing at her breast like she's hungry, and the mama smiled and told me how her baby is still bfed at 10 months!!!! I was like, yeah!!!! I so congratulated her, and she had this, wow, I really did do a great thing look on her face. It was so sweet, and her baby had this bfed glow to her, and u could just tell. It was so sweet to see a young mama like her bfing her baby like that, and I was so encouraged.
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I love meeting other breastfeeding moms at the store like that.
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that's great!

i was in a consignment store here too (in seattle) and the woman who worked there started nursing her toddler (i think at the time she was around 15 months) while she was ringing me up. i thought that was great!

i'm glad you got to meet her!
How cool!

I was in the salon with a friend today, nursing my 9 month old DS while I waited for my appt. There was an older lady there (70-ish) who watched me for a while. I was almost sure she was going to say something negative but then she leaned over, smiled and told me how she nursed all her kids!
It just made my day to get a comment like that!
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I love when that happens. I notice that since dd is older (she's almost 2), I get a lot more comments when I NIP.

The other day, I was at the park, and there was this mother with a 3yo, and when she saw me NIP, she told her dd something (in another langage) and then explained to me that her dd is still breastfed, but that she doesn't feel comfortable doing it in public, because everybody tells her she's nuts for bf a toddler.

You know what? The next time I saw her, she bf her dd when she asked
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Awesome!! Everytime a mom says to me that she breastfeeds her infant, toddler, or child or NIP I make sure to say something positive. Every mother needs to hear that, and for some it may be the boost they need to keep going. If we all keep doing this, we can make a difference.
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