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I met Alton Brown!!

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You know, host of Good Eats on Food TV?

He is so funny and awesome, and has some really interesting books. You can read all about it here and see a pic of me and Alton!
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Oh WOW! Lucky you! Alton is my hero!
I never miss an episode of Good Eats - and I love his books too!!
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Too cool! He is one funny guy, and I love his show!
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Oh, you are SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!

Is he is as cute in person as he is on tv?

I just love his show. I like how funnny and down to earth he is .:
He seemed, less skinny(?) in person, and was all scruffy and unshaven. He was so nice though, it was great. While he was signing my stuff a bookstore staff member asked if he wanted anything to eat or drink and he was like "oh no, thank you, my water is just fine". Then as I was leaving another staff person said "I'm getting coffee for the rest of the staff, do you want some?" and he said "weeeeeeeeeeell, if you are already going, I guess I'll take some, thanks a lot." He just seemed like a genuinely nice, normal person. Some one in front of me had their kids (ages like 3 and 7) and he was so cute and funny with them...
Oh oh oh I am sooo jealous.... I didn't know he would be at Powells. dang I would have been there. Oh well *shrug *
My dh knows that if he showed up at my door, I would be gone! I love learning stuff about food, not just how to cook it and make it look pretty!
I heart Alton! Oh, the envy......
Oh, so lucky! I love his shows and books. This new one sounds fab. What fun for you!
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you lucky gal! I've had a cruch on him for over a year now - you just gotta love a brainy food man who knows his way around a kitchen!

Did anyone catch him on David Letterman a few weeks ago? I think Dave was in one of his "moods" but AB was in rare form
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I saw him on Letterman, it was pretty funny, and AB plowed on through Dave's weirdness.

Angstmommy - I only saw one small ad in the A&E or WW like two weeks before, and never saw anything again.... so don't feel bad, it wasn't well advertised!

We have 40 eps of Good Eats on our Tivo, and dh is currently converting them to dvd... (I married my own brainy nerd guy!)
40 episodes?? now I"m really jealous

I got the dvd's last year that Food network sells, but we canceled cable for the summer and I haven't seen a new episode of good eats for a while ... I keep telling Chris that we're gonna have to bring cable back so I can get my wednesday night AB "fix"

His website is pretty cool, too. I like reading his rants and raves - recently he had an omlet pan confiscated from him while going through airport security
: Kinda funny!

I keep crossing my fingers he'll do an Indy visit sometime and I'll get a chance to get my hands on him, er, I mean *meet* him sometime, too
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"...I'll get a chance to get my hands on him, er, I mean *meet* him sometime, too"

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Lucky you! Color me green. That guy cracks me up!
Kara - if you meet him bring a camera, you get to shake his hand and snuggle up for a picture!

If anyone lives in Raleigh NC - he will be there 10/18
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