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I miss you guys!

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And miss the diapers. Yeah, I'm thrilled that Abi's potty trained but I come her out of habit every time I log onto MDC but just lurk mostly. Sigh. All her dipes are in a big roughtote.

feeling pouty today
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oh Darshani, you will have a new
soon enough

I mostly lurk here too, don't post much b/c the diaper frenzy really wore me out for awhile. I do check in, but don't participate as much as I used to.

It seems to me that most of the people who were super active posters back when I was have moved on too...wonder if they are lurking around as well

(sorry, not trying to hijack your thread
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Yeah I guess I'm mostly lurking too these days. I am in chat a lot though
your more than welcome to join us there! I love my diapers, and diapering of course, but I've had so much going on, my enthusiasm is on the back burner.
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