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I missed my cloth!

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Oh how I missed my cloth when Colby was in the hospital this weekend! I was desperately needing to do diaper laundry & had only 3 CD's to take with me.
However, those 3 dipes were the talk of the pediatric ward! All of the nurses loved the dipes & asked where to get them. It was definitely an unexpected chance to advocate CDs! :LOL But I was so sad when I ran out of dipes & had to use the sposies the hospital provided. And poor sweet Colby looked at me like I was insane putting that chemical diaper on him! He really could tell the difference! I was SO happy today when dh came to pick us up & brought cloth diapers with him!
my cloth dipes!!

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I'm so sorry he was in the hospital! I'm glad you took cloth w/you, though. I'm sure that gave the nurses something to gossip about!

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