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I must have one of these... any ideas on how to make one?

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I would just buy it but it doesn't show the color / size differences and I don't know what I'd be getting.

So any ideas on what to use to make it? How thick vinyl or should I use netting? Adapt a bean bag pattern?

ETA: I did send the company an email asking for more info, so I might end up buying anyway. The only one I even come near being able to afford only seems to come in avocado though... not sure that is my favorite kiddie color.
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It looks to me like they're using some kinda stretchy maybe the stuff the stretchy pul is made from? And, I'd use netting, if you can find it. That way it's less likely to be punctured by something that wasn't supposed to be around a pen or something silly like that. Just me. I think the stretchy poly would be cool, as it would allow for some "stuffing" of the animals.
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