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I need a cheap Mei Tai!

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I really want to buy a Mei Tai or at least something like it. I went to FreeHand baby carriers and loved what she had! It's just a tad too pricey for me though (right now at least). And I can't sew at all, so that's not an option. Any other ideas?

And if I do order one from FreeHands, which I just might anyway. What should I get? I was thinking the Onbuhimo bc it says its better for older babies/toddlers. I want something that'll last me. It also looks a lot sturdier, but I have heard it's harder to get on. That's important for me too. And when I get it, should I get the padding? I don't want it to hurt my shoulders. And I'm pretty small (5'0") so would I want the straps shortened? I don't want something that will be huge on me and hang low, ya know?

More importantly though, is finding somewhere cheaper. I saw that had them for $27, but they wouldn't come padded and with shorter straps if I asked, would they? Plus, I don't really like the fabrics

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Have you tried an ISO here on the Trading Post? Or what about the BabywearingSWAP list or the FSOT forum at You may be able to find someone to make you one in trade for something.
I was going to look for something like that. Thank you!
Freehands has an auction right now - only $30 - you could email her and see if she would adjust it for you at this price...

Good luck!
i've got a handmade muslin unpadded me tail - tiedyed pastel swirl.
was asking $20 including fc shipping in the US.

email me for a pic if you'd like or pm me if you're interested
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