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I need a dose of inspiration

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I want to knit something for the baby, but nothing is looking good. This being the 4th, I have no shortage of hats, sweaters and blankets and I could knit teddy bears in my sleep, so I'm looking for something different, but I don't know what.

Anyone have any ideas for something fun? I can't do dpn's but circs are cool.

(I can't believe I'm even asking this as I have four unfinished projects on needles right this minute, and yarn on order for a 5th project!
This knitting thing is really a sickness, isn't it?)
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Are you going to cloth diaper? You could get started on covers and a wet bag. You could also make baby booties.
I totally understand! For this babe (#3 for me) I am making a 'ghan (as is standard for me) but it's knitted (all others were crocheted) from the center out (LMK if you want a pattern) and making a stuffed elephant. Otherwise, I did make a pair of mocs, but I doubt he'll need them as he's due to arrive the end of May and we live in the firey furnace (aka AZ)...

My ALL the pattern sites you know of. That's what I did, printed out a bunch, but nothing really interested me until I found this blanket and the elephant...

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thanks for the ideas.

Ohmel, would you make the wet bag out of cotton, or felted wool?
You could make a rainbow of gnomes.... I have a simple pattern and it is wonderful to use up bits of left over yarn.

Warm wishes,
I'd make a wetbag out of felted wool (or just regular wool). Wool will hold more water than cotton and not feel wet.

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I just made a simple tee/tank in newborn size, and am in the middle of a onesie. There's a onesie knitalong here for that.

If you do binkies, there's a tether on the new knitty - or that could be knit anyway for baby toys on the carseat.

sleep sack? leg warmers/baby legs? the LTK poncho to go over you and your baby-in-carrier?
I made the wooly wonder wetbag (out of leftover lamb's pride bulky) and it turned out great. (The site is timing out for me or I would link, just go to the wooly wonder site and look for the free patterns.) It doesn't sweat at all and expands quite a bit. Here's a pic of mine, not my colors of choice, but it used up some leftovers.
this is #6 for me and i have been on bedrest since Thanksgiving (just getting a little more freedom) and have been crocheting a TON!

socks....sweaters........blankets..........booties ........onsies.......t-shirts with matching shorts and socks........on my list to still make?

poncho with hood.....MORE booties, MORE socks (they are soo easy) adn some more tshirts!!

BUT, since i am now due in just 5 weeks, I have moved to stamping and scrapbooking. Gotta get his announcements made and scrapbook started!
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