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I need a friend!

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Is there anyone here in North Eastern PA that CDs?
I need a IRL CD'ing friend!
I have ONE, but she's like 6 hours away
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I'm about 2 hours north of Philly in the Pocono Mts.
Dh's parents live right next to Tannersville (Reeders if you are familiar with it). My mil thinks its cool that we cd

We live outside of philly about 20 mins south of Quakertown.
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Yep, Rt. 715

Why you gotta live so far?!??
Does anyone in your area CD?

We need a diaper party in PA like they're doing in California!
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That would be so much fun!!!
They have them in Maine too... I'm so jealous
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I'm in Bucks Co PA!! I kinow there in one mama in Lansdale & one in Warminster~~~all near me!
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OK, so I am going to gloat now...LOL my best friend (who also CD's) lives 5 minutes up the road...15 if I walk. LOL. YIPPEE I love living so close to another CD'er, it makes it even more fun that we have known each other for 10 years and are now both dipe crazy together. It is an awful support group for when I am trying not to buy because she calls me and tells me who is stocking.
I live in central Jersey, but I'd be willing to drive to the Poconos for a diaper party.
I'm presuming that July 3rd is NFG, for everyone except me.

Is July 11th or 18th good for everyone?

Are we gonna pick a midpoint for everyone, or are we gonna make it easy for me and have it at my house? I have a big back yard!!
I don't need a mid-point. What time on the 11th or 18th? The 3rd would be fine too. Kids or no kids?
We have a 1st bday party for my nephew on the 3rd, we are going to upstate NY the 10-11 and VT 16-20!
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You're a busy girl hannahmom!
Is July 25th good for everyone?

Kabes, if we're gonna do it at my house, which would be awesome BTW, it's up to you guys if you bring your kids. Kids would be great though! We could take pictures and post them here, and my dd LOVES other kids
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LOL newbie here...not quite sure what a diaper party is, but like Hannahmom I'm also a bit south of Quakertown off of 113. We're newer to this area so I haven't a clue how "crunchy" the other mamas nearby are.
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I will be in NC for a wedding on the 25th!!!
!! I wanna come!
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I wanna party!!

: oh yeah, I don't know what a diaper party is either

Ok, so basically all of July is NG. Is this Sunday good for anyone? (I can't do Saturdays b/c I work outside the home every Saturday).
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Hmmm how about we shoot for August?

Heatherfeather - you are probably about 15 mins away from me... Are you in Souderton or something? There crunchies are around but can be pretty hard to find... There are A LOT in the phoenixville, Kimberton, Media area - too far for me

BTW - What DO we do at a diaper party?
: I assume just show off "our" bums and hang out?
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OK, so how many of you are Bucks/Montgomery or Chester County Mamas? I will be in Bucks County in August (23-27) and would love to get-together during the week with some other cd-ing/crunchy mamas (I am from Bucks and will be visiting family)

So, perhaps if your first meet-up goes well, you might have another in August?????
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