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Has anyone heard of our used the sitters at ?
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Never tried the sitter service, but I have a 14-year old daughter in Lewis Center who is an awesome sitter!
We are fairly new to the area and I'm looking for a mom's group or play group nearby. My youngest daughter is 13mos, non-vaccinated and I'm looking for like-minded or OPEN-minded families to share ideas. Any suggestions?
Maybe I need to meet your daughter

Welcome to MDC! Are you familiar with the columbusap group? Lots of opportunities to meet with like-minded mommas and families!! Are you new to Ohio or Lewis Center? Look forward to chatting with you!
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New to Ohio. Moved here from southern IL (close to St. Louis area) about a Year and 1/2 ago. Was pregnant with 5th child at the time and not a bit happy about having to transfer here. I'm FINALLY settling in and no longer quietly protesting, so I think I'm ready to start socializing again. Ten years between the two youngest kids so it's been a weird adjustment period to babies again..but loving it!!
Not familiar with the AP group, so you'll have to fill me in...I'd like to learn more about the attached parenting philosophy also. Is it more than breastfeeding? Sadly, I'm not nursing my youngest....but that's another story...breast issues...and certainly not the birth experience I planned for this new child!
Also new to the "online community". This is the first forum I've ever posted on so please pardon my inexperience! I guess I'm a little older and wiser now and more confident in looking at alternative parenting and lifestyle choices. I think we appear like like the typical, conservative American family to our neighbors, but that's not really how I feel on the inside. I think, ideally, we'd like to chuck-it all and build a cabin in the mountains off the land and raise smart, healthy, happy children!
Anyway, that's a bit about me...for now, I'd just like learn some new things and meet some interesting moms! Hook me up! Maybe I could even learn to belly dance?!!!
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Just pm'd you!
Hi ladies! The CHOICE office on High St ( hosts a parent support group on Tuesday mornings. Most of the moms have done/planned homebirths, but not all have used CHOICE. It's been great to get together with those moms as everyone is so open to different ideas and very supportive. Let me know if you want more info! Also... Sprout Soup on High St (cute little new natural kids store) has some different play groups that they've just started. I *think* you can view the calendar online or at least sign up to receive it via email. I've only visited the store once so far, but am looking forward to trying out some of the things they have to offer.
Thanks for the info! I didn't know about the parent group via CHOICE but am very familiar with sproutsoup!
I originally posted as I am looking for sitter suggestions so DH and I can go out occasionally! I saw an ad for the website I posted. Maybe someone at a playgroup or parent group would have some ideas though!
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I might just be able to give you some names of sitters, if that's what you're looking for. I call references for sitters I hire to watch DD after school, though I have not done background checks. Most are OSU students.
Geofizz-- How do you find them? We've never had a sitter (other than MIL and the occasional emergency neighbor) and everyone just assumes since I work at the university I know dozens of responsible, flexible, fun-loving students just DYING to watch DD, but it ain't true ...
*I tell everyone I know that I'm looking for a sitter. This gets easier as you get kids in the local grade school. I also asked the aids at the OSU childcare center (generally only works for evenings).
*I post an ad at the financial aid off campus job board
*I look on craigslist (though I have only had success responding to ads that students post; bad luck with posting my own).
*Three years ago I got 12 responses to an ad in the Lantern. This fall I only got one. (Though the requirements as posted were very different)

I've gotten sitters through all of the above methods.
Good info to know!
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