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I need Books and Info about toddlers and Eating

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I saw a few recomendations for "How to get your child to eat but not to much" By Ellen Sater and have searched and but no luck, searching for the title OR the author. My ds is driving me nuts. I posted a thread a while back listing the foods he eats but hes NARROWED it down....again. Mostly cottage cheese, macroni and cheese (which MUST be fresh which means I have to buy the individual packets
), crackers (any kinds) w/pb (won't try it on bread tho but he used to eat bread plain), a few cheerios, cheese but now only if dh or i is eating it, and bagels with berry cream cheese. Yes thats it. I try to put stuff on his plate that he used to eat but its like hes bored of it but doesn't want to even try anything new, even directly from my mouth/plate!!! He'll take a piece of food and i think yeah hes going to try it!! and then he just wants to feed me.
We are really basic in our food groups mostly bread, rice, meat. I keep thinking I want to vary my diet but we are so pinched right now that I am afraid to try something and find that I spent extra money and don't like it.

I thought reading that book would give me at least a few ideas or at least tell me to be happy that I can make the same foods over and over and over again without having to think about what to feed him. Also hes been in this kick for over 6 months ITS not a phase anymore....

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Try looking for Ellyn Satter. I found it on just now. Let's see if I can link it.

I have seen it at the library. Also try Child of Mine, which is another excellent book about toddler and preschool eating. I believe its in the LLL library. And Just Take a Bite. I haven't read that one but have heard good things about it.
You might get some good ideas from "Disease-Proof your Child - Feeding Kids Right" by Joel Fuhrman. Check it out at your library.
I actually found Ellyn Satter's Family Nutrition Book more useful.

In one of her books, she has a big riff on why you should wean at 1 year, but if you ignore this, she has a lot of good information.
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