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I need charting help, please!!!!

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Fertility Friend is being a butt and saying it can't detect my ovulation. Can someone look at my chart and tell me what they think it is? I am wondering if this is because I switched my temping time? I switched on the 19th from 6am to 7am, but have taken my temp at 7am consistantly ever since. ARGH. The link is in my signature, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Just by looking at it (in C) and mentally altering it for a later test time, I'd guess at day 20. I only chart in Celcius and know that if I wake up an hour later, I lower the degree by .1. Not sure about F.

Does that help?
I'd guess the same, and figure it's waiting on 3 days in a row of temps to do crosshairs?
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