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I need cheap Eucalan

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First, let me apologize for asking this tired old question.

BUT, I need to get some eucalan, fast! I have been relying on the kindness of strangers and those little sample packs of the stuff but my supply has finally ended. I thought about just buying some more wool covers to get more sample packs :LOL but I think it would be better for my bank account to just buy a bottle of it.

SO, who has the good stuff, cheap?? I don't think I can put his cute little shorties soaker on him again in good conscience without washing it first. He has played in the dirt while wearing it one (or 3) too many times.

Thanks, mamas!

BTW - I went to the store finder on Eucalan's website and for some bizarre reason it gave me a list of stores that don't actually exist.
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Off the top of my head, I think the prices are about right from since her shipping is free. That's where I bought my last bottle......
I just got mine from Colleen at I thought she was reasonably priced and has flat rate $3.85 shipping. My packages always arrive REALLY fast from her too. *whisper* She does carry wool covers tho too
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Just a thought...I used to use Eucalan, but tried the WOW Soap from - I bought a bar ($4.00) in lavendar scent. I gotta tell you, I actually prefer the WOW - it works awesome, and the lanolin content is more than enough to keep my covers working great (and the scents are awesome!) I know she has it in the "Oh Baby" scent too - that will probably be my next purchase
I don't have the WOW Oh Baby scent...but I do have the solid lotion bar in that scent for my daughter and I love that too lol.
Oh, and I do believe that she is offering a liquid version of her WOW woolwash too if you would prefer that over the bar form. Definitley something to check out though
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I second the Flicker-n-Suds WOW. I used the liquid version for the first time last night after ds pooped on his RB wool. The WOW is so thick and creamy and got the poop out with no stains. I'll never use anything else again!
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