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i need help bleaching do i do it?

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Hi handy mamas!
I know I will get plenty of good advice here.
My daughter's bathing suit, which was white when we bought it, is now a dingy grey all over. I remember it became that way pretty soon after we bought it and started washing it.
Its an all over grey, doesnt really look dirty since the grey is so even
but I want it to be white again.
Its a really nice suit so I dont want to mess it up. Its lined.
Its all synthetic.
What can I use without ruining it that will make it white again? Any special solutions or powders? I think it will need to be pretty strong...
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I would try OxyClean first, with warm to hot water. First I put the garment into a bucket/bowl/sink of hot tap water. Then, if I am doing something cotton I will boil a few cups of water, add the oxy (it will foam, do it over the bucket or sink) and add it to whatever it is I'm trying to clean up and mix with a spoon. Then I let it soak, checking on the stain, sometimes up to overnight if need be. Hotter is better, but since your suit is synthetic and probably has lots of elastic/spandex I'd just use warm to hot tap water instead of boiling. Soak and wash and see how it looks.
If you need to move on to actual bleach be sure to dilute it well - straight will destroy the elastic/spandex and eat through the fabric. If your machine has a dispenser I'd use that, otherwise add water to the machine and let it agitate while you add the bleach, then add the clothes. I'm not a big fan of bleach, but a few times a year I do our un-paper towels and our napkins (all white cotton).
Hope that helps!
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