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Ive been here with my Dad. He thought my son wasn't learning enough because he didn't know about the idea of "absolute zero" and something else I don't remember now lol. I started to feel like a broken record saying things like "Unschooling is learning because we are alive to do so. It doesn't need anything forced onto it, or to be scheduled into neat little time blocks" "We just live and learn together, and we find info as we find we need it or as we are interested in something"

I bought him a copy of The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffiths and I think that has helped a bit. I think my being positive about unschooling has helped too. It's hard for others (or harder at least) to pick at you for something after they've already heard how terrific and wonderful you think it is lol. "Unschooling has been so wonderful for us. We love the freedom" or something like that. Hang in there...
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