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First I want to say I LOVE UNSCHOOLING. It has worked very well for my spirited dd (J, 8). I was so happy to have my mom's support and at least some trust in me from MIL. I have an older dd (K, 11) who is in public middle school and although academically she is doing wonderfully, socially, she is having a hard time. Girls are HORRIBLE in middle school. She is part of the popular group who will just turn on you for any little reason. She has come out of school crying a couple of times and has even stayed home so as not to face her "friends".

Anyway, I was complaining about all this to my mom, who said I should be doing more about and even change her school if necessary. I am doing everything possible right now. K begs me to not get so involved because it's embarrassing to her and can make the situation worse. So I told my mom that homeschooling is still an option for K. Boy, you'd think I was suggesting the worst thing in the world! She said I can't do that since I "have no schedule with J as it is and K can't learn like that because she will be bored to death".

I was so upset about that. It seems she is actually concerned about J's lack of schedule and thinks I'm not doing enough and probably ruining J's life. I have been keeping an awesome log of the things J's done and I even email it to my mom every now and then. J has been homeschooled (unschooled) for about 4 months and has already completed the 3rd and 4th grade typical course of study (from on her own! I keep a printout of th TCoS in a notebook and look at it on occasion and realized that she has not only covered all of this years work, but next years work as well. And this is through unschooling.

How can I get my mom (and everyone else) to realize that unschooling is not "unparenting" and that J is not just sitting around all day watching tv and being bored. I usually leave out the unschooling part when I mention we're homeschooling since no one really understands that, but mom knows and she has been telling others her feelings.
: . I'm so sick and tired of the naysayers who have no idea about homeschooling and even less of an idea about unschooling. I feel like I have to walk around with J's weekly academic accomplishments stapled to the front of my shirt.

I know I shouldn't worry about others' opinions, but having to be on the defensive gets tiresome after while. How should I handle this??
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