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I'm so sick and tired of the naysayers who have no idea about homeschooling and even less of an idea about unschooling. I feel like I have to walk around with J's weekly academic accomplishments stapled to the front of my shirt.

I know I shouldn't worry about others' opinions, but having to be on the defensive gets tiresome after while. How should I handle this??
Of course you're sick and tired of it - I found myself feeling irritated over the irrationality you're describing - your daughter is excelling by anybody's standards, and yet your mom and others want you to change your whole way of life? My inclination would be to stop defending your position. It seems to me that some boundaries need to be set. You might provide a few good books or magazines to your mom on the subject of unschooling, but I wouldn't continue to engage in conversations in which you're on the defensive. You could continue to share your daughter's successes and such, but I'd do it at times when you're not answering to criticisms. I wish you and your family all the best with this - hang in there and stand tall. It's your territory - and you're obviously doing great.
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