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I need help Potty Training my DH

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Yes You read that correctly, No it isn't a typo. My Husband is hindering Potty Training our three yr old. I have him in Cotton Underwear all day long He is down to 1 accident a day. As soon as Daddy Gets home Mommy goes in the bedroom with the baby for a Nap. Of course Daddy gets out the pullups and our 3yr old son Promptly poops in his "diaper" because in his own words "Daddy will clean me" Yes I'm a mean Mommie and ask my DS to help Wipe his own butt and if he happens to poop in underwear I ask him to hold them while I spray the poop off into the toilet. He HATES it. but You know what. He'll go three days without a poop accident after that, he'll hold it until Daddy gets home because Daddy will put a diaper on him and then "Daddy will clean me"

UGGGGGGGGGG What am I going to do??
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1. Make Daddy clean him.
2. Get rid of the Pull-ups.
3. If all else fails, withhold sex.

JK, of course...well, sorta...but seriously, what are the ramifications when this happens? Does your DH have to clean the mudbutt? Do you have a lot of Pull-ups left? Why can't they just magically disappear and be replaced only by the cotton undies? KWIM? If your DH is anything like my DP, that'd be easier than trying to explain to him how you feel, and why it's important, and all that jazz that he'd just tune out.

Good luck!
I get angry that are the ramifications. And then We have to deal with I don't want to wear underwear the next morning. Maybe I should just keep DH home all day changing 2 dirty diapers every 2hours and dealing with the 3yr olds diaper rash then maybe he would see things my way
Oh and My plan is next time DH brings home a bag of pullups to take them back to the store in exhange for cotton undies 14 bucks buys 6 pairs of trainers or 12pairs of briefs. :LOL
Bummer. I know it is very difficult when you and your dp aren't working together-not just with pt'ing, but with anything when it comes to our just ends up confusing them when there isn't any consistency.
Explaining all of that to your dh won't help? Maybe a nice stinky surprise under his pillow will help?

I agree w/the pp though, just keep those pesky pull ups out of the house and he'll have no choice. If he wants to play this way, then you'll just have to beat him at his own game! :LOL
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