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<p>X posting this in toddlers too...</p>
<p>DS is 14 months.  He started walking last week.  He is getting molars.  He is a very spirited little man.  Our bedtime ritual has changed and evolved over time - and now is bath with mama, books with daddy, then mama comes back in room as daddy sings a lullabye.  I (mama) lay on the bed and he crawls over to me, grinning, and nurses to sleep. Sometimes I scoop him up into his crib - taking him to bed on his first waking... but more often than not I fall asleep beside him.  He nurses so much during the night - especially with these teeth, that I take any sleep I can get!</p>
<p>It has been working great for about two months.  Before that I was wearing him in the ergo and bouncing and singing to him for at least 45 min after bath/books every I said...evolving :)</p>
<p>I think he is transitioning to one nap as well.  He has been taking one 2hr (ish) nap around 9-11 and then another hour starting around 3.  The "2,3,4 nap-sleep thing" was working for us....until he recently started refusing his afternoon nap more than 1/2 of the I started doing bedtime earlier (but with out the compass provided by his "4 hours after his second nap" I just kinda chose 7pm as a bedtime.  He was super tired from his long day so he would crawl up to me and fall right asleep.  I also started to slowly move his first nap later by taking him outside after breakfast to try and shorten the time between sleeps...</p>
<p>Anyway, the past two nights have looked like this.</p>
<p>books with daddy</p>
<p>I come in to nurse</p>
<p>DS climbs over to me.</p>
<p>DH leaves room and shuts light</p>
<p>DS crawls off bed and wants to play.  He bangs on the door. He discovers the laundry room off of the bedroom that never interested him before... He wails when I pick him up.  He refuses my breast - it seems to make him cry even.I felt like I was holding him prisoner when he clearly wanted to leave bedroom so I opened the door and he played with the lights dimmed in the LR for a bit then back to bedroom with toys, dim lights etc...after an hour he has crawled up onto bed (mattress on floor) and nursed right to sleep.  And slept really well both nights.  For him, really well.  He has always woken to nurse every hour...  Still nursing - but one four hour chunk of sleep and much less restlessness. And he woke up 11hours after he went down...  But he had been awake for 7 hours both days.  And he was tired!</p>
<p>So, how should I handle this?  Maybe not let him out of bedroom, but let him play til he's ready to sleep? He is SO responsive to repetition and routine and as we are entering the toddler years and confused.  Isn't 7 hours a long time to be awake at 14mths?  Should I go back to 2,3,4ing him???? Also, both yesterday and today he is super fussy and frustrated-so it's not a slam dunk like "duh lemontree just make his bedtime later!"  He's all wonky.</p>
<p>I want to help him sleep when he is clearly tired but don't know if I should have enforced more boundries...if he were a crib baby maybe he would have played in his crib until he was ready to do you bedsharing families deal with this stuff?</p>
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