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I Need Help!

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It is really sad to say, but the birthing center told me they couldnt take me as a v bac. I have called 2 different midwives and they turned me down. I havent seen a doctor but 1 time and I am 3 months pregent. I am scared to see a dr. because of the negitive responses I get for wanting a v back. Please anyone that can give me any info, on how to get a dr. that will support me I will be forever thankfull! I feel as if no one wants me because I have had 2 c sections. One of them for the wrong reason. Please help! Kim
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Can the BC not take you? or not deliver you at the BC? I thought that they could take a v-bac, but deliver you at TMC.

I had a home birth after a c-section and colonectomy. I know have an illeostomy. I would suggest you contact Better Birth they are located here in UT but at least if you do not want to travel to UT for your birth Suzanne Smith may be able to refer you to someone who would be open for you having a vaginal birth. Their website is

Keep looking and trying different anvenues. Good luck.
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