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I need ideas for making a 'friend' doll

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I am in charge of the craft for my church's ladies retreat and the project is to make a little friend. Our church bought a kit for the retreat and the kit craft is making a little doll out of pipe cleaners and tissue paper. I was hoping to find something a little bit cooler than that. But the only thing I am coming up with is clothes pin dolls. I have googled beyond my hearts content and have not really found anything that has easy to find supplies and can be done without a sewing machine/ hot glue and in about an hour by a group of 40 women. I did find some awesome garden dolls- but that is beyond this project.....

Wise crafty mamas- hit me with ideas (and kind of quick- the retreat is next weekend!)
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You could glue on felt clothes and hats for the clothespin dolls. Or maybe make yarn dolls
I think I am going to go with the clothes pin dolls. All I need are clothes pins and a little time in my stash of crafting goodies.

Yarn dolls would make great Christmas tree ornaments for my kids to make though! Thanks!
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