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I need ideas for what to eat!

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I am eight weeks pregnant and suffering from severe nausea.... I can't even eat avacado, let alone anything like butter or yogurt. Normally I eat everything except red meat. Now that I am on this forced non-fat diet, I have lost three pounds already, and I feel like I am starving all the time! Also, from the amount of fruit I have been eating because of it, my stomach has felt acidic most of the time. I need suggestions, maybe a weblink to some non-fat recipes that will fill me... I am trying ginger and crackers, but it still doesn't allow me to expand my diet any.
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Why are you on a non fat diet? When I was so "morning sick" I ate whatever my little heart desired...
A few threads here have mentioned liver function in relation to ms. Have you looked into that?
I took B-complex to help with nausea.

But during the few weeks I had it (btwn 8-12weeks) I ate a LOT of potatoes!!LOL Mashed with butter , roasted with olive oil and rosemary (be liberal with the fat since you aren't getting much!) or pan fried with thyme and olive oil. I know they aren't the most nutritious food in the world, but it really helped me to eat something. I was even able to slip in a little spinach with the pan fried ones (and although I normally LOVE spinach, at that time I couldn't really stomach it otherwise).

Also, chicken and rice soup worked really well for me (I like the Wolfgang Puck Organic Chicken and Wild Rice).

I could still manage salads at that time and I doused them with flax oil.

Organic butter on crackers.

Some days a scrambled or soft boiled egg and toast was good - others not

I ate tons of fruit at that time as well. I was craving pineapple like crazy and went through a couple of whole ones!

Hang in there mama -it won't last too long - I hope some of these things work for you
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Morning sickness is awful!

I did really well with soups most of the time. My DH got REALLY tired of soup! Did you try peanut butter for the protein yet? Protein was what really got me during my morning sickness. I was trying to do the Brewer diet and felt like a failure every time I filled out my meal diary. About all I could tolerate was peanut butter and bean soups. Miso soup went down really well, too, and seemed to calm things a bit.

I also managed some smoothies for breakfast because it tended to hit me in the evenings. That helped with the protein and dairy.
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thanks for the suggestions... as for peanut butter, chicken, butter, or oil, other than a little olive oil, I cannot smell them, let alone eat them without being out of comission for the whole day... I am not actually throwing up, though I think it would be better if I could sometimes, I am just very nauseous, like being seasick - I couldn't do anything when I tried to force anything fatty into my system. I am doing soups, and have tried potatos, but it is difficult to stomach so much potato without butter! I am looking at Peggy's Kitchen for some low or non fat recipe ideas, though I am wondering if any of you, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian have ideas or good internet sources for these kinds of recipes, especially filling ones!
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