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I am 33 and trying TTC DC #2 while still nursing DS (10 1/2 months.) I have yet to see AF and have very low body fat (11%) which I am working hard to bring up. Earlier this week, however, I noticed something resembling EWCM (right consistency, wrong color - too whitish) but I decided to take an OPK (I had some left over from TTC DS. It was positive!! After three nights of sex (DH thinks he died and went to heaven after dealing with a normally NOT randy BFing wife, LOL) I'm settling in for the two week wait.

Here's the thing....I'm not too confident that even *if* I caught my first PP egg, that it will take. With the nursing and the body fat issues, my guess is that it may get fertilzied, but won't implant....but maybe (hopefully??) I'm wrong. I've also been taking chaste berry/vitax and am not sure how long to keep taking that.

What else can/should I do? I'd appreciate any wisdom from my sisters here....herbal, and me!!

Gracias ladies!!!
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