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I need more calories...

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I have not been very hungry so my family keeps reminding me to eat. my dd (4 1/2) keeps bringing me the ensure shakes my sister gave me, but I've got to think of something else ease and nutritous. I just don't feel like eating unless its something I've been craving. I'm constantly thirsty, but I don't want smoothies (that would make things easier). Any ideas?
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Not everyone digs this, but probably my favourite high-cal, healthy easy snack is toast with mashed avocado with lime, salt and pepper.... mmm, I'm drooling. Thank goodness I have an avocado!
Add calories...hehe thats a wonderful prob. usually. I was that way a few weeks ago. I ate a tiny little breakfast, maybe a sandwhich for lunch and then a small but filling dinner. Didn't even want snacks. You kinda have to conciously add food to your diet. If your not hungry then "heavy" foods aren't going to appeal to you so try foods that are lighter or cold. Fruit is always a good choice...your in WA so its prolly not hot there yet. I am in LOVE with fruit right now cause its cold, moist, not to sugary and not heavy. Cold or even frozen veggis will give you more water and healthy foods but i bet they don't have much calories. Have an extra bowl of cereal during the day. Have chocolate milk instead of a glass of water (or 2). Not sure of what else "cold/light" that there is right now, ds is begging to be picked up.

Hope we can get you some more info.
What are you craving right now? Maybe work from those type of cravings? Like a few weeks ago all I could eat was pizza, I found it was the cheese I wanted to I added more cheese into my diet.

Endure shakes do get old after a while (btdt).
Hard boiled eggs? Make some, keep them cold in the fridge, and then you could eat them as a snack anytime, or make an egg salad sandwich, add to the top of a spinach salad, make deviled eggs (I wonder if you could add avocado to the yolk for the filling?) Everyone thinks I'm a nut, but I love my hard boiled eggs! Not too many calories but you can add more in how your prepare them, and you get the protein ... Maybe if you're thirsty but not wanting smoothies you could go for soups instead. (Hey, you can even toss a sliced hard boiled egg into finished soup as a garnish ... I'm over the hard boiled edge, I know.)
I ADORE hard-boiled eggs, too. Me and dd had sliced hard-boiled eggs on toast with salt and pepper for breakfast with our mango-raspberry-banana smoothies......... mmmmmmmmm.
A cookie jar with "healthy" cookies in it by the computer works well for me. I always get the urge to eat when I am online.

Especially after reading these food posts. now, I am wondering what goes in a mango, raspberry, banana smoothie, cause that sounds fabulous! blissful_maia? care to share the recipe?

mmmmm hummous made w/ olive oil & tahini. yum.
Haha, sure. It's not the world's most complicated recipe!

I slice up one organic banana into like 5 chunks,
Peeled and sliced a whole organic mango,
Put in a large handful of frozen raspberries (frozen=important),
Fill up with orange juice to 1/2 the level of the fruit, and
Dollop about 1/2 cup of plain organic yogurt.

Another thing I do is I whiz it in the blender a little longer than usual.... helps crush up the raspberry seeds and make it really creamy.

Also, it doesn't really matter what kind of juice or fruit you use... this is a pretty standard recipe. As long as you have a banana for thickness, frozen fruit to make it cool and slushy and the yogurt for protein/calcium, I think it usually turns out much the same. I just love the flavours of these fruits together... the mango makes it so sweet.

Mmmm... I want another one now.

P.S. This is enough to feed me, dh and dd (so like 2.5 juice glasses).
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