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I need new pregnancy care package ideas!

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Hey Mamas,

I have a question to ask all of you! I am currently an AP, breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping mama who has a dear friend who recently found out that she is pregnant. She lives an alternative lifestyle but is hesitant about AP practices including extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping. I am doing my best to educate and support her and thought I would throw together a small care package filled with pregnancy goodies. And this is where I need your help. I have composed a quick list and any other suggestions you may have would be awesome!

Calcium chews
Ginger, Raspberry Leaf, and Chammomile tea
Fruit roll ups (organic of course)
Vitamin E oil or Shea Butter
Nipple Cream
Ginger candy
Prenatal Yoga Video
Organic Chocolate (i had serious preggo cravings myself)
foot lotion/cream

Any other suggestions? I would LOVE to include a book introducing AP ideas, but I need to be careful as to which one I choose.

Thank you in advance!


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emergen-c vitamin c packets
dr. sears' baby book
"pregnancy tea" traditional medicinals
the pregnant woman's comfort book (by ??)

just some ideas!
don't laugh at me, but SmartWool socks. the hiking ones, with cooler weave patterns in spots and extra support panels in others. They're cute and comfy and the most supportive non-medical supply socks I've seen in my life.

I swear they are the single factor that has mostly kept my ankles and feet from swelling at all, even in warm, humid weather, even when stressed, even when flying.

Plus it's a nice bit of variation from the usual herbs and creams and lotions and oils--and just as useful if not more so.

Definitely my favorite bit of preggo paraphernalia.
Are these the SmartWool socks you are talking about???
Bath herbs and lavender oil spray... every mama needs some pampering!
Maybe some belly butter?
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, that's one of my fav reads.
Epsom salts, slippers?, puke bucket lol.

And honestly....I wouldn't worry about pushing the AP, I never read an AP book in my life, and never planned on parenting that way, but when baby came I took to it instinctively (I think I AP anyways...still haven't read any AP books). I don't know how ppl don't co-sleep. I had 2 basinetts (they were lent to me), one i kept downstairs and 1 i set up next to the bed. I think he spent maybe 5 mins in total in either one of them!...They're a pain....literally...remember how much it hurt just to sit up and try to reach into them (if ever you used one)??
Whoever invented those was likely drunk at the time!

And FWIW, Having a friend who's paved the way and kept their baby with them will likely make her not bother to get up at 2:300a.m. to put baby back since she'll have heard from at least one source that they don't belong in cribs/basinetts, that it's ok to keep them with you.

I had an amazing herbal bath put together by my midwives after the birth, I'll try to find out what was in it, it was stinky, but great! I took my son in with me and his cord was off in 6 days
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Preggo Pops!

Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer. I think it should be mandetory reading for every pregnant woman.

A bottle of Burt's Bee's Apricot Oil.
I use a little bit in the bath and it helps to moisturized the poor stretched skin. Owie itchy!! It's also great to use in the Baby's bath and/or wipes solution.

You can't go wrong with any of the Earth Mama Angel Baby products. I love the PostPartum stuff especially the Bottom spray, Bottom Balm & Bath Herbs! Her Nipple Butter and Bosom Buddies stuff is AWESOME!!

Weleda Calendula Oil.
Also wonderful in the bath tub for the stretchy itchy skin.

I'll come back and post some more ideas.
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Originally Posted by ElektroChik
Are these the SmartWool socks you are talking about???
I think mine are the "bridgedale" ones in a link on the bottom of the page. You need the ones designed for women, and with the panels of cool-weave on top. Especially as summer is coming!
I think books by dr sears are great. He has such a great way of approaching things that people often don't even realize its an alternative form of parenting.It seems so natural.
Herbal packs. I bought one from Bath & Body works but they'd be really easy to make. It was just a velvety pouch filled with lavender and flaxseed, and sewn shut. I heated it and put it over my eyes while I was in labor and it was extremely relaxing, then I used it again when I couldn't sleep that night after DD was born. I think lavender is preferable for labor but you could also use citrusy scents to energize.
If you are willing to spend the money, one of those Bellyhugger type things. Great for filling in the gap between shirt and pant (I find when pregnant, even some maternity shirts often don't cover all the belly) and then might encourage her feeling comfortable nursing.

Originally Posted by gnutter
I think books by dr sears are great. He has such a great way of approaching things that people often don't even realize its an alternative form of parenting.It seems so natural.
I'll second the Belly Butter recommendation, too. A big spill-proof cup with a straw has been awesome for me. When I was really sick, I couldn't sip water from a normal glass, but it went down fine with a straw. It's also nice b/c it has the ounces measured out for you. My favorite is a 32 oz one. I got it at Target for $3.99. It's "Prospirit" brand in the sporting goods section.
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