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I need nursing help with a wrap

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It's me again. I'm really hoping to get this wrap thing down because DS loves to be held and I need mu hands back. DS however can aparently differentiate between in the sling and not, in the same position
and right now he doesn't like the wrap.
Anyway, I tried the newborn nursing hold on , but I can't get his head high enough and not suffocate him. Help?
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How old is your baby, and what kind of wrap are you using?

Have you tried a front cross carry or a front wrap cross carry so he's essentially sitting up facing your breast as opposed to lying down? If you tie the wrap snugly, you can use the part across your shoulder to support his head to nurse hands-free.
Will he tolerate being upright?

I like to nurse in the Front Cross Carry. I can lower and then untie, tighten, and get comfortable for naps.

Also, what kind of wrap are you using? I think that the newborn nursing hold is a little easier in a stretchy wrap.
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DS is 3 months old with short chubby legs I'm having a hard time crossing, and I'm using a woven wrap.
I am having the same problem as you! DD is also 3 months old and I'm having a hard time with the wrap, in general. I had a Hot Mama wrap and it was way too long for me so I traded someone for a Didy and I really miss the stretchiness of my HM! It's so much harder for me to get the Didy positioined right because the material is not as giving. I tried the same nursing wrap position as you, right before I posted this and I got so frustrated. She also can't stand me putting her in the cross hold; her legs will get so stiff. I hope it gets better for you and you find something that will work for you. I just wanted to commiserate with you cause I can relate!
i found this online. it's in spanish, but the pictures are really easy to follow. i almost had it with ds after trying just once. i have a moby though and thought that the stretchiness made it a little more difficult, so maybe yours will work well.
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