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i need some advice....

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the past few days i have felt my baby 'drop' and when he kicks, hes very very down near my pubic bone..and then this morning, i woke up to some faint lower back pain and like a 'pulling' feeling from my belly button to my pubic bone, and over the past 24 hours ive had alot of discharge too..and now i feel really light headed and it feels like im gonna pass out at any minute and im still having the lower back pain and i did have some kind of painless contractions this currently 23 weeks and 2 days along..can someone tell me what could be wrong and what i should do??
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it could be premature labor but i hope its not cuz i felt the exact same yesterday! I also if i bent over had sharp pulling pains in my hips. the hardest part was knowing that my uterus was contracting and not knowing if it was real ctx or bh.

if you are worried I would call your dr or mw or go to the hospital to get checked out.

fwiw the *dropping* thing i'm sure is normal...i get frequent kicks to the cervix from my breech boy *sigh* I mentioned it to my dr yesterday and he just commented on how nice it was to have a *tumbler*
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