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I have never posted in this forum before, but have a nagging issue that I thought maybe somebody wiser than I could help with.

I am the birth Mother to a baby boy born on 3/23/1985. I gave him up for adoption at birth.

In my signature he isn't mentioned, and every time I read it, I think of him, and feel as if he is slighted in some way, and try to think of way that he is mentioned. Even though he wasn't to be mine, he was with me and still is.

He was born by C-section, as was my first daughter, my second daughter was a VBA2C. I have been questioned several times as to why the VBA2C as I guess it doesn't add up in my sig.

Anyway, short story long, I would love to see him included, not just in my heart and mind, but in black and white (well grey) as well.

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