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i need some help

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Hi there I have a 5yo little boy with Autism. He is a very happy sweet cuddly little boy and i love him to pieces. BUT the last week or so (out of no where) his behavior has become increadbly hard to deal with. he is CONSTANTLY getting in to trouble.. like everything he does is something he is not supposed to.. i am currently 37.4weeks pregnant with our 4th baby and i can not physically keep up with it. He is doing everything from climbing on the kitchen counters, taking apart everything he can, throwing dvd's on the floor repetedly.. he can't stand having the toys cleaned up so those have to be dumped on the floor immediately.. it's just one thing after another.. we haven't had any real changes lately.. and change has never really seemed to bother him before..

i just dont know what to do... any advice?!
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Do you have any help? Could you get a mother's helper to come in a couple hours a day, maybe a homeschooled teen, to help with the other kids, housework, whatever? You have a lot on your plate right now, and will for the next year or more (congratulations in advance on the new little one).

Is this son getting ready to start kindergarten? Could he be reacting to that change as well as understanding a new baby is coming? Change can be rough for some kids with autism.

A wise mentor once told me that "All behavior is communication. Our job is figuring out what they are trying to say".
Yep, What mamarhu said.
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