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I doubt you will ever get the same amount from both sides. I am pumping for my third child now, and never with any of them was I able to proiduce evenly. My left side is the same as your left. Not as good as the right. i think mainly it is because the flow on my left is so much slower than the flow on my right. I was able to pump lots of milk when dd was a baby, but now I guess I am desensitized to the pump or something. I have to fight with my boobs and the pump to get any out. It took me four sessions at work yesterday to get out a 5 oz bottle.

Some people say it isnt anything more than Kook Aid, but Gatorade helps me alot. Oatmeal is great. I was pumping alot of milk in the mornings and at night after Isaac was born, but I started slacking and as a result, my supply dropped. I still make what he needs, but not alot of extra, like I used to. So keep at the pumping, stay well hydrated and of course, eating right really keeps your supply good.
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