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A bowl of oatmeal a day (yes, flavored is ok) should do the trick. I second the pump bra idea. I wouldn't surive if I couldn't go hands free.

Also bring a couple of pictures of your babe to work. I have heard of women calling their voicemail and letting their baby cry or coo or babble into the phone. Then, they listen to it while they are pumping!

I would also recommend joining the Yahoo group; Pumpmoms. There are a lot of working moms there, and they have a wealth of information.

Finally, I've been pumping exclusively for my baby and I typically get an ounce more from my left side than my right. Don't worry about lopsidedness. Look at your output on a daily basis to get an accurate picture of what you are producing.

I know how hard pumping is. You are doing a fabulous job!

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