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I need. . .something!!!

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I am in need of some infant prefolds or some large SMJAE doublers or something!!! My dd has (in a week) become a super soaker!!

I think i would prefer the prefolds, but if anyone has anything, try me! Thanks mamas!
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i have a 15 thin doublers fsot. my dd was a supersoaker and this baby is not. What i did was added one as newborn, two as infant, .. etc. they're nothign fancy. They're contoured, about 3or 4 are lightly stained, the rest are not

i can take a pic if you want.

was asking $8 including shipping for them.

any interest?
I have lots of infant and preemie prefolds hand dyed pretty colors all are new. pm me if interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts