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I NEED suggestions

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My IL's are going to be driving through wine country on their vacation. I want to send them with $30 for a nice flavorfull red wine. Do any of you which winery I should send them to in order to get what I want? I like dry red rich wines with a big spicy flavor. I am not into fruity or sweet.
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Are we talking France here or like Sonoma?
Or Napa? (If so the Francis Ford Coppela wines are good!)

You could ask them to ask the salesperson - you could even write down what you posted above, and have them ask on your behalf.
We have wine country in upstate NY, too.

However, I'm really into Joel Gott wines lately.
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Sorry brain fart. Northern CA. They are driving from San Francisco to Seattle. I am not with it lately. a Million apologies all.
You don't need to apologize! Just wanted to make sure we knew where you meant! I didn't want to be recommending California wines when they were going through France or something

My favorite vineyard is V. Sattui, Cakebread is also good. But I like the suggestion of giving them a description of what you like and have them taste some on your behalf. Maybe they can even give you a bunch of different ones!

If you are ever in Santa Cruz area Bonnydoon Vineyards has a wine that is exactly as you've described. It's called Madiran Heart of Darkness - yummmers!
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sorry, I only drink Two Buck Chuck as artgoddess so delicately put it
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