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I need support around EBF and biting

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I know she's teething and that's why it's happening. Several months ago she bit me a handful of times within a day or two, and it sucked, but it stopped, too. Now she is much more of a toddler.

Last night, from the time I came home, around 4, until she finally fell asleep, every time she got my boob in her mouth she bit me. Big bites while looking right at me. Biting with her teeth and then pulling back. i don't need to tell you mommas that that hurts.

Tonight when I got home form work, when I went to nurse her, she nursed for about 20 seconds and then chomp. I shouted, cus it hurt, and set her down and said, no more nursing right now. she cried, I very nearly cried, and i am feeling really bummed out right now. I think i am as attached to the period of time we spend reconnecting and nursing when I get home as she is. so, we haven't nursed this evening, i am blue and craky, and so is she. (and my boobs are full)

It's time to put her to bed, and our usual routine, of course, is to nurse. I'm scared that she's going to bite me, and I'm scared of what our bedtime routine is going to look like if she does bite me.

Oh, anyway. what I am most scared about is our nursing relationship ending. I am not ready to wean, and I doubt she is either. But I'm also really not willing to be bitten.

I would be so appreciative if you all could share with me your strategies and tactics for dealig with the biting toddler thing. (By the way, she also was biting other kids at daycare today, which reinforces my idea that it's a teething thing).
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i'm sorry your girlie is biting! i don't have any suggestions because my boys aren't there yet, but i'm bumping this up because i want to know what other mamas have done when this happens...? (just in case my boys decide to take a chomp out of me when they're older!

if she is teething, hopefully it will pass as a stage...? anyway, hope it gets better for you. how's it been going today?
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today was actually pretty good. She did bite me at bedtime last night, but not during her early morning nurse, then she did not bite me at all today. I was very attentive while she was nursing, both at daycare pick up and at bedtime, asking her to open wide and stick her tounge out before latching, and whenever she seemed to be noodling around, I'd pop her off and re-latch.

So right now I'm very hopeful that it was just a passing thing.

I also did a search here on "biting" and found a lot of great advice from recent threads.

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