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At around 2 I started setting some limits with nursing. Not all the time, but really, I needed some limits.

What worked best for us was dd would ask to nurse. I would say she could have "me-me for 10". That meant that she could nurse while I counted to 10. Early on I realized that, for her, having both sides was a BIG deal! So, she would bargin for "me-me 10, side 10". That worked/s most of the time. Now that she's a little older, we make a game out of her picking the number. Sometimes it's "me-me 7" or "me-me 12".

It is not a cure-all. There are times she latches on and covers my mouth in protest as I count. Many times I let it go and respect her need to nurse, especially now that these times are fewer and fewer.

Hope this is helpful, and good luck to you!
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