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I need to get rid of our cats...

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Mods I don't know if this is allowed but I thought I'd try.

2 small cats, all supplies included.

My son is allergic to our cats.

We've had them for 3 years and they are both about 3 years old. They are both small, one more so than the other. There is a black and white one and an orange one.
The black and white one is pretty solitary all day, she likes to find a place and relax out of sight. Then at night she'll find you and snuggle in your lap or beside you.
The orange one is usually in a window or sunning herself by the back door.
They are both good with kids but I don't know how they would be with other animals since we've never had any.
They would come with food/water dishes, litter box, box scooper, a few toys and 2 pet carriers.

We are very concerned about them getting into a loving home. They must go together and we want to drop them off so we can see their new home before leaving them.
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