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I need your opinion

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I need some opinions...

My house is VERY small. 2 bed, 1 bath. One closet upstairs one big pantry like closet in the kitchen. My kitchen is seperate from the rest of the house, meaning, I can't see the kids while in there. Currently my washer and dryer are in that pantry in the kitchen with our linens stored above on shelves.This is convenient in some ways.
I do not have a dishwasher which is very difficult with twins and a toddler to find a way to do them when I can't see them from the kitchen.

Anyway, I suggested to DH to move the washer and dryer down to the basement, Kinda musty, not finished. Put a portable dishwasher where the washing machine was (all the hookups are there) and where the dryer was put shelving and use as a pantry. (we could also put a laundry chute down to the basement thru the floor) I am excited about it but Dh isn't convinced. (Of course not he doesn't touch those appliances
) It would save water, help me spend less time with the dishes (45 minutes a day). The only downfall would be going down to the basement. I wonder if my clothes would be musty smelling?

Any suggestions or opinions? Anyone else have their washer/dryer in their basement?

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Is your basement always damp or only in the summer? Have you tried running a dehumidifier? Before we moved into our mobile home (which the whole dang thing smells musty now!!) I had my washing machine and dryer in the basement. I ran a dehumidifier in the summer and never had any problems. I didn't store the dirty clothes down there though. But even if I had I usually do laundry every couple of days so it wasn't an issue.

I think it sounds like a great idea. Dishes are time consuming. And since you can't move your kitchen sink it sounds like this is your only option.

Do you plan on living in the house that you're in long enough to make this worth the time and effort involved?

Good luck convincing your hubby!!
In our old house, our laundry was in the unfinished basement. The only downer was that it was such a depressing place - but I only went down there to put stuff in the washer or dryer. I brought the clothes up as soon as I took them out of the dryer and folded upstairs. I say your plan sounds wonderful!
Our W/D are in our basement. I do recommend not leaving clean clothes down there, they do take on a musty odor if left too long (like more than a day or so) but we do pile up dirty clothes. It is not a fun place to be, but all I do is go down, throw a load in and bring one up, I fold the clothes in the bedroom. we do run a dehumidifier and that helps with the mustyness.
we have an old house and our w/d is in the basement. it isn't refinished but it is dry and reasonably tidy ~ we store alot of stuff down there
: .

I'd love a 1st floor laudry rrom w/ shelves etc etc, but in all honesty the basement to do laundry is my escape. I'll tell dh he's got the kidlets because I have luandry to do and dissappear. I'll sort and tidy up, fold and soak,
. we have a line down there for dipe covers.

he'll usually yell down to me that I've been down there for an hour.
geez, it sure doesn't seem it
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