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I never want to go to the doctor again

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I know..maybe I am being paranoid....MAYBE. But, I feel like when I call over something, they rarely call me back. If they do, the nurse is always dismissive and gives bad bad advice. Like, insisting I take Monistat for a UTI bacterial infection before they would even see me to run a test. Monistat is for yeast..not bacterial.

But, since it is rare to hear back when I leave messages, I feel like maybe, behind my back, when I call they think "oh, its her." Why else would they not return my calls?

Just thinking that this might be why they do not return my calls has me embarrassed to even show my face. What do you think?
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Do you have any other options? That office sounds bad.

When I had spotting/bleeding at 12 weeks and I left a message at 9:50 on a Friday night they called me back within 3 minutes. All other times that I've called they call me back within 20 minutes.
Have you tried a midwife? The care from an OB cannot compare to the care you'll receive from a MW.

I wish I'd known sooner too!
I think you should change doctors and quick!! They should not dismiss you, ever, and to simply not call back?? I agree that maybe a Midwife is the way to go.
Explore your options. That is not how you should be treated.
or even a ND to help with all of your concerns and not be so dismissive. The ND can manage your conditiions like uti, fatigue, etc as well as pregnancy (in some states) along with your OB care

just a thought--if you are into it
Ugh - I'm sorry. You've got to look at a different provider (if you can!) My first place sucked like that and I absolutely hated it! I even got left on hold for over 15 minutes and had to hang up and call back when I was looking for test results for the 4th time just to make sure the flippin' pregnancy was viable (and for a mom with 2 losses preceeding this). It was just lunacy.

I switched and I'm SO much happier. This is a one man show place and everything is so personal. It's just what I want.

Anyways, really - I know it's a pain, but it'll be worth it. You gotta switch if you can! That place sounds awful.
I am sorry you are having a hard time w/ your Dr.

Have you mentioned it to the Dr that you rarely get a call back?

I work at a pediatricians office, and not calling someone back is TOTALLY unacceptable! Even those people get called back
I'm sorry you're feeling dismissed

I'd look at changing providers- not all OB's offices are like that; I get better, more personalized care from my OB than friends who use MWs, so I know it's possible, if you want to go the OB route. You shouldn't stay somewhere that you feel that uncomfortable
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